Thermal efficient windows

The images below comparing thermal efficient windows with older windows really do speak for themselves.

thermal efficient windows NOT thermal efficient
Before installation
After installation

Red indicates the areas of most heat loss. The brighter the red colour, the greater the heat loss from these building components.

Nearly three quarters of the heat and energy we lose escapes through single glazed windows. This really shows how much heat you will lose by not upgrading your home to the latest standards of insulation and in so doing  leaving your heating bills higher than they need to be.

One of our suppliers, Weru, has played a significant part in the development of thermal efficient windows. Our windows achieve insulation values increasingly approximating those of solid masonry. This means that they easily meet even the strict requirements of energy saving regulations.

This result has been achieved through such decisive factors as improved insulation measures for glass panes, glass spacers, PVC profiles and strengthening reinforcement fittings. Weru windows undoubtedly keep the heat in.

Weru insulating glass is coated with ultra-thin metal foil and allows the sun’s short-wave light radiation through, but reflects the long-wave thermal radiation back into the living area. The inert gas fillings in the space between the two panes do the remaining work that is required to increase the degree of thermal insulation.

Our windows are energy efficient resulting in significant savings in energy, heating bills and resources while reducing drafts and noise levels for years to come. We can show you data on the insulation and heat preservation of these windows which really do demonstrate how they make such a difference.

For more information and advice on how you can use thermal efficient windows to improve the comfort of your home and reduce energy bills, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. Contact us or call  0161 927 4960 today.

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