Wooden replacement windows, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire

Wooden replacement windows, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire


Wooden replacement windows

No matter how far modern materials move on, timber windows still provide an attractive solution. Wooden replacement windows can, these days, outlast other materials due to better manufacturing techniques. If you prefer the beauty of wood, our wooden replacement windows are manufactured and glazed off site to ensure the highest possible quality, products that will grace your home for many years to come.

We are still being asked to refurbish or replace windows that are over 100 years old. So longevity of well maintained wooden windows should not be an issue!wooden windows

Hardwood, softwood or even specially prepared oak; we have the timber for your home. Bayfield’s wooden replacement windows are available in a number of stains or colour finishes. They can be sprayed or painted in the factory prior to assembly to protect the timber from moisture absorption which is essential for longevity. Our coatings should last five to eight years before re-treatment is necessary.

Not only are timber windows low maintenance, but testing has shown that timber windows are outstanding for long-term weather proofing - and do not distort easily through temperature or exposure extremes.

Contrary to popular opinion, according to Greenpeace, timber is, "by far the most environmentally friendly material for windows". It takes 8 times more energy to manufacture UPVC than timber. Through use and disposal of the product, the overall environmental burden is significantly less than UPVC windows.

Timber windows visually lend themselves to property of all types modern or old. Bayfield Bespoke timber windows can be manufactured to match existing designs - including arched or bowed features. We at Bayfield Bespoke are confident we can match any wooden window no matter how old.

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Bayfield Bespoke loves to be involved in the supply of wooden products and we will always make the extra effort to ensure our customers feel comfortable with their choice of wooden windows, contact us for more information.