Wooden replacement windows and doors  

Environmentally Friendly

Bayfield Bespoke has always been at the forefront when offering products that are environmentally friendly. That is an easy statement to make but what does it mean in practical terms?

Let’s look at Bayfields work practices….

Virtually all of our products are thermally efficient which protects the environment by lowering energy consumption.Bayfield Bespoke offers a wide range of products. In all product sectors we promote a full range of suppliers from small family companies to multinationals.
so let’s look at the substrates we work with.


What can be more environmentally friendly than wood? All from sustainable sources, we ensure all timber we remove from buildings goes into the recycling chain. We actively promote preservation and refurbishment of wooden windows. We don’t just rip them out and sell new windows. We love to sell a combination new and refurbished. Do Bayfield’s competitors offer this service we bet they don’t!!!


One of our supply partners is a German manufacturer, Weru. Just look at the thermal properties of their aluminium windows. Do our competitors even know what questions to ask?

"Weru windows keep the heat in"

In recent years no other part of the building structure has progressed as much as the windows regarding energy saving techniques. Weru has played a significant part in these developments. Our windows achieve insulation values increasingly approximating those of solid masonry. This means that they easily meet even the strictest requirements of energy saving regulations. This result has been achieved through such decisive factors as improved insulation measures for glass panes, glass spacers, PVC profiles and strengthening reinforcement fittings.

Composite Windows

Bayfield Bespoke recognises the need to limit our impact on the environment, and this is reflected in the choice of material suppliers and manufacturing processes that we employ.

Environmental commitment

  • Bayfield Bespoke offers windows that use low-e double-glazed units with argon filled cavities and soft low-e coatings as standard, and U-values as low as 0.90 W/m²k are achievable.
  • All wood is sourced from FSC or PEFC accredited suppliers practicing sustained management.
  • All wood treatments are water based.
  • Bayfield Bespoke tries to use suppliers who are as environmentally committed as ourselves.
  • Aluminium and glass wastage is returned for re-cycling.
  • All Bayfield Bespoke contracts are made to order. When a product is input to the ordering system, a subsequent order is made to our suppliers for precise amounts of materials, which will be used during the manufacture. No materials are kept on stock minimizing waste.