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Bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors open up your house to nature. Whole walls can be effortlessly and temporarily swept aside enabling gardens, terraces, balconies and conservatories to become a perfectly natural part of your living space. By means of modern design, bi-folding doors allow 90% usage of an opening as opposed to 40% with conventional door systems, permitting light, air and sun to stream into the house on those pleasant sunny days.

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Whether they are used as an interface between the inside and the outside or as a partition between two internal rooms, bi-folding doors give the flexibility of a larger space for parties and get-togethers or when closed can create a snug area and protect you against the elements. Furthermore, bi-folding doors fitted internally provide an excellent solution in a confined area where there is no space to accommodate an open door.  An opening to an ensuite bathroom or onto a narrow corridor can be arranged to allow the door to slide smoothly. Overall, the modern space saving design of a bi-folding door maximises space, producing a compact streamlined finish.

Make a statement

Whether as a stylish, easily accessible connection from the house into the open air or as an unobtrusive room partition, bifolding doors are a real statement of class and elegance. Commercially, a bi-folding door system is an ideal solution to allow the efficient use of the exterior space of your business thus increasing capacity and profits, and internally as room partitions in hotels, restaurants, schools, halls etc to divide larger rooms for added versatility.

With our extensive range, Bayfield Bespoke has a bi-folding door system available to suit you.  We supply and install premium brands such as Weru, along with our own-branded Bayfield Bespoke Platinum and Bayfield Bespoke Gold door sets.  For the full range click here.

The personal touch

A set of bi-folding doors can be tailored to your specific requirements with the numerous options available to make the system work for your home or business;Bi folding doors

  • Configuration - opening to the left or right or half either side and folding inside or out.
  • Threshold – standard or flush (particularly helpful where access is required for young children or disabled people).
  • Material – timber, aluminium or composite (timber and aluminium) in a range of colours, with the option of having a different colour inside from that on the outside.
  • Width - up to 1.2m wide per door with a maximum opening of almost 6 metres from one set of doors.  Bayfield Bespoke has also supplied doors with a moving corner post to enable an uninterrupted view of the garden!
  • Access – the doors can be fitted with a handle on the inside for internal only access or with handles on both sides for internal and external access, for instance when using the system as the main entry point into the building.
  • Security – only high security locks and hinges are used along with encapsulated running gear to prevent the doors from being lifted from the track.
  • Glass – as standard all systems have double-glazed units with toughened (tempered) soft coat Low-E glass, argon gas filled, with laminated glass as an option for additional security.
  • Thermal efficiency – there are various glazing options available to improve thermal efficiency and U-values to reduce the amount of thermal loss from the inside of your property.

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