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sliding doors, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire


Panoramic, sliding and bifold doors

A bi-folding, panoramic or sliding door system opens up your house to nature. Whether you are looking to fill a newly constructed space as part of an extension or new build, or wish to replace or upgrade existing doors our range of sliding and bifold doors have the solution for you.

On the ground floor any of these doors give the ideal interface between the inside and the outside, producing the flexibility of a larger space for parties and get togethers or when closed can create a snug area and protect you against the elements.

Internally sliding doors can give an excellent solution in a confined area where there is no space to accommodate an open door. A door opening to an ensuite bathroom or onto a narrow corridor can be arranged to allow the door to slide smoothly. The modern space saving design of sliding and bifold doors gives an ideal solution to maximise space, producing a compact streamlined finish. With the option of a choice of number of door panels opening to either the right or left or half either side enables each door system to be tailored to your specific requirements.

Commercially sliding doors or bifold doors can be used externally to allow the efficient use of the external space of your business thus increasing capacity and profits, and internally as room partitions either in hotels, schools, halls etc to divide larger rooms internally giving flexibility of use.Bifold doors, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire

Available in timber PVCu (not Bi-folding) or aluminium our doors come in a range of colours and finish’s. You can also choose a different colour inside from the outside. A flush threshold facility is available where required.

In the past security to your home could have been compromised by choosing one of these products. Not any more!!  At Bayfield Bespoke we have always offered our customers the widest choice of door furniture and locks with security and safety uppermost in our mind! Bayfield Bespoke even offer a Bi-folding door system that does not need a corner post!

Just look at the range of doors we offer, we think we have a product suit all tastes and requirements!

We have a great range of doors to suit every budget so why not let us quote you? See our recent case study (download pdf 508K)