Traditional sash windows, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire

Traditional sash windows, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire


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Traditional Sash Windows - a history

This is probably the most classic and elegantly designed window available. First introduced over 400 years ago traditional sash windows quickly became very fashionable in England. Many earlier casement windows were replaced with the new popular vertical sliding sash window. People not only admired the simple and elegant style but benefited from the efficient design suited to the English climate. Traditionsash windowsal sash windows can be closed to leave a small gap which will prevent rain from entering while allowing for ventilation.

Replaced in 1960s with mainly upvc, a cheaper alternative, thousands of traditional sash windows were lost. Houses lost character and many lost value.

Early traditional sash windows were made of high maintenance untreated wood that required regular up keep to maintain their appearance. Advances in window technology have resulted in replacement sash windows regaining the exquisite design and functions of a traditional sash window but having the benefit of modern techniques and materials. Building regulations and client expectations require more from a sash window.

Wooden box sash windows

sash windowsBayfield Bespoke have almost 30 years experience of supplying wooden sash windows. Our wooden sash windows are long lasting because they are made from specialist treated timber that also helps eliminate the need for high maintenance. Bayfield Bespoke believes that wooden sash windows are finally being recognised as a product that is not only a visual pleasure but practical as well. A wooden sash window can meet all needs even in the 21st century.

Bayfield is different because we treat each enquiry individually. We do not sell a ‘wooden sash window product range’. Everyone’s home or business is unique with each having special requirements. For example some need like for like replacement and others want refurbishment and bringing up to date.

Box sash window refurbishment

Bayfield Bespoke firmly believes that if a window can be saved and modernized then we should try and do it. We have many years experience of renovating wooden sash windows. It is a very cost effective and practical solution. Some customers want us to help them to retain the existing sashes and we can single glaze them with discreet draft proofing.

Other client’s wish to replace the sash’s therefore installing double glazing which gives the best of traditional with modern technologies. In a lot of cases we can save the box part of the wooden sash window and do onsite repairs to make them as good as new. Doing the work onsite is a throwback to the Victorian era when most wooden box sash windows were made in the home!
Give Bayfield Bespoke a call and let us work together to save perfectly good box sash windows!

Bygone collection Upvc sash windowsBygone traditional sash window

Bygone collectionBayfield Bespoke are in business to satisfy customers’ needs and some of our customers do not want wooden sash windows. We understand that and have selected a range of products that gives the visual appearance of sash windows with modern materials such as Upvc. Bayfield Bespoke is an authorized distributor for Bygone windows and we offer a superb range at very competitive prices.

Bygone’s attention to detail is second to none. Whether it is the choice of chrome/brass Cam catches, the mouldings on the frames  or the glazing bars that create each pane, we can tailor your window to match existing windows, neighbours houses, original shapes/styles. Our beautifully crafted windows are energy efficient, increase security, and unlike many other sash windows they can be tilted back at the perfect angle for safe and easy cleaning.

For a complimentary consultation please do not hesitate to call Bayfield Bespoke on 0161 927 4960