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Replacement windows and doors from Bayfield

Working with private customers.

Bayfield Bespoke provides replacement windows and doors to private customers as well as business clients. We do not employ any heavy-handed sales pressure techniques. Nor do we spend fortunes on TV and press advertising promoting too-good-to-be-true offers. When you contact us to discuss your needs, you are not opening yourself up to a persistent barrage of sales people looking to “close the deal”.

Instead we will take as much time as you like to discuss what is right for you, which materials are best suited for the job and what design options are open to you. We’ll show you how we supply the finest replacement windows and doors, manufacturers have to offer.

We have invested almost £250,000 in a new showroom to display our products in a sympathetic environment so you can see the choice and quality for yourself.

We strive for satisfied customers and are happy to offer a broad range of replacement windows and doors that suits almost every application. We will not try and persuade you to choose an inappropriate solution. Remember we don’t mind what choice you make!! We advise not persuade

When we give you a quote, it is a quote! Not a discounted price that evaporates if you don’t sign up quickly, not a one-off price if we can use your house as a showroom, JUST A QUOTE!

If you go ahead and place an order with us, it will be our own surveyor and our own fitters who will arrive at the appointed time .We treat every home like it’s our own!

Nearly all our business comes from recommendations and we intend to keep it that way.

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