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Case StudyBayfield meets the challenge!

When Mr & Mrs S wanted their windows and doors replacing in a 17 century Prestbury property it posed several problems for the Bayfield team.

Mrs S was adamant that she wanted to modernise the look of the property whilst maintaining the feel of timber windows but without the maintenance.

Over the years the property had moved to such an extent many of the original frames didn't open or close properly. The windows were extremely draughty and had become rotten and unsafe. After years of deliberation they chose Bayfield to carry out the work as they confident that they would complete the installation to their specification.

Bayfield’s surveyor said "There wasn't a single window or door which was level! One of the French doors and the main bedroom window were 50mm out. My objective was to measure the window so it fitted correctly within the aperture, be level - true and square - but not look out of place in the building. We achieved this by creating templates (the full size of the existing windows and doors) Then, using levels and a theodolite, draw the new windows onto the templates allowing for frame extensions which were scribed to fit the building"

It took 2 days to gather all the required detailed information but it was worth it because in Mr S's words they look fantastic.

Judge for yourself!!

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