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Hardwood replacement Doors

Here at Bayfield Bespoke we offer a wide range of hardwood replacement doors, including both exterior and interior doors. Our collection comprises of many different designs to ensure as many tastes and styles are catered for. Entrance doors are generally the focal point of a building. It is not only important that new hardwood replacement doors compliment or coordinate with the rest of the building but that they are built to last and give the optimum security. We appreciate it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Our high quality exterior and interior hardwood replacement doors are selected to ensure enhanced value from your investment.

Both entrance doors and interior doors from Bayfield Bespoke can be supplied either inward or outward opening, double or single leafed, glazed or unglazed. All our doors can be produced in a range of colours and finishes all custom built to your design. We also provide a wide range of hardwood bi-folding doors

With developments in technology and improved manufacturing, today’s modern hardwood doors give strength, longevity, style and energy saving thermal insulation no matter which design you choose.

We always advise however our doors are properly maintained either by a professional or yourself. Interior doors will require much less maintenance as will an exterior doors protected by a porch or overhang.

The weather can take its toll on external doors. Doors exposed to the elements such as bright sunlight, wind and rain require regular observation to keep an eye on the doors condition. Maintenance when needed will protect your investment and ensure that your door not only looks good but will keep its strength colour and shape.

Bayfield Bespoke also offer a wide range of superb high quality composite, Upvc and entrance doors. Low maintenance high quality doors with no compromise on style.