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Case Study Flush casement UPVC windows proved to be a perfect alternative to timber

Ms K of Cheshire needed to replace her original flush casement timber windows!! She wanted the replacements to match her existing timber windows as closely as possible.

She approached Bayfield Bespoke convinced replacement timber windows were her only option to retain the character and integrity of her period home!

Bayfield Bespoke were able to suggest some alternatives which would not only retain the character and integrity of her period home but would be easy to maintain, energy efficient and cost effective - certainly worthy of consideration!

Bayfield showed her 4 different alternatives …each one ticked all her boxes, i.e. all would enhance the appearance of her property and provide an excellent improvement in heat retention!

MS K opted for Bayfield Gold flush casement Upvc flush windows which offered the highest standards of security, energy conservation, safety and design!!

Judge for yourself……….. Don’t they make a lovely sympathetic alternative??

Can you tell the difference from these images? They are Wood foil Upvc flush casements and not new timber windows??

We retained the original coloured glass and incorporated it into the new windows ensuring the overall appearance remained true to the era of the 1920’s design!

MS K was thrilled with her replacement windows and the experience was improved by the fact she saved a significant amount of money while retaining the appearance of her lovely home.

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