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Case StudyMultipurpose sunroom transforms 1960s house in Greater Manchester.

A marvellous redevelopment project has transformed the living area of a 1960s detached house in Greater Manchester. Replacing the original garage, there now stands a multipurpose sunroom created using Bayfield Platinum Lift & Slide doors and fixed glazed panels from Bayfield Bespoke.

“We’re delighted with the doors. The large expanses of glass maximise the view we get and allow us to enjoy the garden from the comfort of the sitting and dining areas,” commented the pleased homeowner.

With an 8m aperture, Bayfield Platinum Lift & Slide doors provided the ideal solution for the extension.

The centre two of four 2m panels open to either side to reveal a 4m wide opening whilst the fixed glazed panels provide a panoramic view of the garden. Bringing a new meaning to the traditional sliding door system, the Lift & Slide door opens and closes smoothly and effortlessly. It can then be lowered and locked into any position by means of the handle, enabling access to and from the garden without the need to fully open one or both doors. Made from aluminium, the doors met the homeowners’ criteria of a product that is solid and durable. Fitted with double glazed Low-E glass units that are filled with argon gas to increase thermal efficiency (U-value 1.1W/m2K), the doors and panels are designed to keep the heat in and cold out.

The extension was designed by;
Dennis Burr of Burr Design Associates, Rochdale / tel: 01706 658 630

built by;
DJ Hughes Construction / tel: 01925 299644,

who transformed the rear of the house to create the sunroom, where the views can be enjoyed whilst dining or relaxing after dinner.

Bathroom window Bathroom window

In addition, two Tilt-and-Turn PVC-u windows were installed in the bathroom and toilet. The dual action design allows ventilation without creating strong draughts whilst in the tilt position and ease of cleaning when opened inwards. Easy to operate using the handle, the Tilt-and-Turn window is also secure and can be used as an effective fire escape. The bathroom window is white inside and out whilst the toilet window was selected with a white interior and Rosewood effect on the exterior to co-ordinate with the adjacent bedroom window.

Sunroom: - Bayfield Platinum Lift & Slide doors (Aluminium/Black)
Bathroom & Toilet – Tilt-and-Turn windows (White/Rosewood)

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