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Aluminium windows


Aluminium windows

From the 1960s to the last few years, aluminium windows had become less popular for domestic use. Many people preferring the cheaper option of PVCu. Most applications were for commercial use such as offices and schools primarily to replace steel windows.

aluminium windows and doorsAluminium windows had the reputation of being susceptible to condensation. This only illustrated some window installers lack of expertise. Bayfield Bespoke have always ensured a ‘thermal break' in the aluminium frame so that condensation is avoided.

 Finding a supplier for domestic use had become increasingly difficult. Bayfield Bespoke however continued to supply a comprehensive range of aluminium windows, primarily for the commercial market. Bayfield Bespoke always felt that aluminium would claim a place in the domestic market. Aluminium offers additional strength, aesthetics and colours, we have many installations in prestige buildings, schools and the retail sector.

Architects turned the tide and increasingly specified aluminium in prestige domestic developments, they could see not only  the slimmer lines and wide range of colours, but the styles available in a range and also the sheer versatility of aluminium as a substrate.

Aluminium windowsIn the last few years Bayfield Bespoke have installed many aluminium windows in homes and all our customers have  been delighted with the results.

Aluminium windows can be fitted into a hardwood frame or directly against the brickwork, our experienced fitters will provide a professional service involving little disruption and mess.

Together with aluminium windows and doors, we can also offer curtain walling, shop fronts and entrance doors for retail shops with maximum glass areas available for display.

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