Aluminium Sliding doors,  Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Northwest

Aluminium sliding doors, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire

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Aluminium sliding doors

The last ten years has seen a significant increase in the use of Aluminium as a material for the construction of windows and doors. Lighter, thinner and easier to use, Aluminium lends itself particularly well to folding and sliding doors. Our range of Aluminium sliding doors have proved to be very popular and can offer an extensive range to choose from.

Previously favoured purely for commercial use Architects could also see the benefits of Aluminium sliding doors for the domestic market.

Many prestige developments have benefitted from the slimmer lines, wide range of colours and the styles available and also the sheer versatility of aluminium as a substrate.

We work with a number of aluminium manufactures to ensure you receive the best possible aluminium sliding doors. Whether you are looking for a single set of sliding doors as a replacement or are a builder looking to furnish a complete development of new builds we give our assurance you will receive the same level of service and attention to detail. Alumium sliding doors manchester

From the initial design and drawings to the production and installation we go the extra mile.

Some of the systems we offer include;

  • Those ideal for large openings with panoramic views,
  • Unique moveable glazed partitions operating slide-and-stack systems
  • Parallel-slide-and-tilt systems
  • Panels running on a single track with the benefit of flush-close frames and can navigate around multiple corners before parking remotely.

The entire range is manufactured in a hi-tech factory under the guidance of experienced engineers ensuring full technical and aesthetic integration.
We are committed to providing the most thermally efficient systems and will create a solution that will service you for many years to come.

For a complimentary consultation from one of our experienced advisors, commercial and private clients can contact us on 0161 927 4960

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